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As a club we are mostly dependant on members’ subscriptions to run, maintain and upkeep the courts. This autumn we are about to undertake a project, well overdue, improving courts 7-9 at considerable expense.

It has been noticed, however, that over recent months, some members have been bringing non-members along to play and either conveniently overlooking or forgetting to pay the guest fee, which is £5 or £2.50 per session (up to 2 hours) for adults and children respectively. Not only is this a reasonable sum to expect the guest to pay but, by ignoring it, it is also very unfair on other members.

Another relevant issue, with the summer holidays fast approaching, is that parents who bring their children down for non-supported activities, must ensure that if the children bring friends, they must ensure that the fee is paid.

In case you were unaware, on the Notice Board, by the front door, if the office is closed, there is a section with envelopes which should be completed with the cash and placed in the office door box.

It should be noted that under the terms of our insurance, and, notwithstanding health and safety issues, we are duty-bound to know, at all times, who is on the club’s premises.


As a committee, we take this matter very seriously and will continue to monitor it. Any member should not be embarrassed to ask anybody not known to them if they have joined the club and let the office know of any wrong-doing.

The onus is always on the member (or parent) entertaining to ensure this policy is adhered to and he or she should aware of repercussions if continually ignored.

Finally, whilst this was never intended to sound Draconian, perhaps members might wish to encourage their guests to consider one of the very many attractive membership options available, by which they will save money and continue playing at the friendliest club in Hertfordshire.

Mike Jaffa
Tennis Chair

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